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Free Viewing Finished - V-Revealed Series - When Experienced and Very Credible Individuals who don't have a vested interest in pushing for something to be forced on a population, discover irregularities in that agenda. Then they are brave enough to face a camera and tell us what they see as an alternative Truth, it is not wise to at least listen to them? - Just asking, at Uncensored all we wish to do is offer the other side to complete the FULL Picture [SignUp] or [VIEW]

The New Normal Documentary

We were gathering content for a presentation & found this Excellent Film

US Senate acquits former president Trump over his role in the US Capitol riots
The US Senate voted 57-43 to acquit former president Donald Trump on Saturday, after he was charged with inciting the January 6 attack on the US Capitol building. Announcement HERE

Top Pathologist Claims The Current VIRUS Is The Greatest

Hoax Ever Perpetrated On The Public! Listen [Here]

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 January 2021

      The LIght


What sane people quarantine the healthy, declare those without a disease can spread it, all but shut down the economy, refuse treatment for any other illness, force separation of families, cancel all leisure and entertainment.....


UK Column News

If you are in any way considering taking the Covid Vaccine you may wish to view this program first. It is one of the most important News Programs be aired i recent monreporters are probably the only team in the UK to relay the News in a unbiased, truthful and realistic way.


Vitamin C is a most important nutrient, your body needs daily  to maintain optimal health. It supports the function of the immune system, & nearly all the organs in your body. As the body can't store or produce vitamin C, it has to be taken  through the diet.


Posted today by The Bernician

PCP nearly ready to Proceed Against architects of COVID-1984 Scamdemic

They are now in the final stages of preparing to lay the papers in the Private Criminal Prosecution against the architects of the genocidal pandemic fraud.

Food for Thought

Beliefs may Change the Truth does Not, It just needs to be realised !!!

A Path to Freedom

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You who are on the road Must have a code that you can live by And so become yourself Because the past is just a good-bye. Teach your children well - "Teach Your Children" song by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

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New immunity supplement has been

created a in response to the worldwide pandemic. To help people boost their

immune system and fight off infection.

AV 9.1 Event

As there was little prospect of the general population embracing societal meltdown, it needs to be enacted by stealth, deception and authoritarian control. In 2020 we now are being forced to choose between Fascism and democracy. We Cannot have Both.

Five Talks from 2018 address  aspects of what society face.


The Genocidal Nature of

Non-Ionising Radiation.

A talk by microwave weaponry expert, Barrie Trower exposes peer-reviewed studies, showing ALL wireless tech can cause flu-like sickness sometimes resulting in death.

Posted : 12/03/20

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