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Beliefs may Change the Truth does Not, It just needs to be realised !!!

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You who are on the road Must have a code that you can live by And so become yourself Because the past is just a good-bye. Teach your children well - "Teach Your Children" song by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

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New immunity supplement has been

created a in response to the worldwide pandemic. To help people boost their

immune system and fight off infection.

AV 9.1 Event

As there was little prospect of the general population embracing societal meltdown, it needs to be enacted by stealth, deception and authoritarian control. In 2020 we now are being forced to choose between Fascism and democracy. We Cannot have Both.

Five Talks from 2018 address  aspects of what society face.


The Genocidal Nature of

Non-Ionising Radiation.

A talk by microwave weaponry expert, Barrie Trower exposes peer-reviewed studies, showing ALL wireless tech can cause flu-like sickness sometimes resulting in death.

Posted : 12/03/20

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