28th February 2022 - We Received an email from trusted source informing that David Noakes is on the way back to the UK.

Welcome home David you and Lyn are Real Heros!!!

Here is some good news that many have been on tenterhooks about: Thursday 25th March 2021 8pm

Apart from David Noakes, Lyn and two other defendants involved are freed on suspended sentences: Unfortunatley, David Noakes was given 4 years imprisonment. M.Olivier Forray who defended Lyn was apparently magnificent.We just want to say ‘Many thanks’ to all of you who have helped in giving support, both financial and emotional. We are lifted up by this news for Lyn, who is now free to return to the UK, aside from having to wait to get the correct travel documents. A great big ‘thank you’ from Lyn. There will be further news. We do not forget David who will continue to receive whatever support we can give him.

A Balanced report posted by: THE HEALING ORACLE TEAM 17TH JUNE 2020 We brought you the news last month that David Noakes was arrested whilst on the run in the UK. But the latest is that he is now locked up in a French prison. You may think this man was a hardened criminal. A law breaker. Well he was actually providing GcMAF which has been proven to help with Cancer and many other conditions.


Below is a statement on his behalf:

As many of you already know, David Noakes was extradited on Monday, June 15th at 17:35 on an Air France flight to Paris, despite the valiant efforts of John Smith and many others. The French criminal-law specialist whom NHF retained back in December for just this unfortunate eventuality has already seen David at length in prison today.


Obviously, no one can be well in prison, but David’s attorney says despite the stressful conditions there, David is holding up. David has been indicted under French law and there will be a hearing soon before the Judge. Unfortunately, they are sending David to Fleury-Merogis Prison (the Men’s section) where Lyn Thyer is being held in the Women’s section. I will keep you as informed as I can but we intend to defeat all of the charges, which are baseless.”


According to this post on Facebook: “When the lawmakers break the law and send innocent and decent people to jail, then you know that the justice system is no longer a system for justice, it is a system for oppression and abuse.


When there is no virtue in being a decent, honest, upstanding citizen because you can be jailed anyway, then there is no point in ‘the law’.”


See the below for the back story:

David Noakes has been caught “on the run” in Cornwall in the UK last Wednesday and now faces extradition and prison in France once more


Noakes says this amounts to persecution by the authorities who are coming down so very hard on someone that has already served time in prison and was essentially providing patients with an effective and natural treatment and actually helping them get better, not worse.


The treatment is called GcMAF, which is an immunotherapy treatment that is a naturally occurring protein that is already found in the immune system. It is in fact the very army of troops of your inner self defence mechanism known as the immune system itself.


The issue here is over licensing and taxation and private business matters that are now a matter for the courts. Whilst, GcMAF itself, is not on trial here. The question here is not that of GcMAFs effective, but more perhaps to do with how David Noakes has conducted his business affairs.


GcMAF works and has been proven to work over and over again.

When we last heard of Noakes he was being prepared for extradition to France, but according to the BBC report this week: A British man facing extradition to France has been found by UK police, five months after he disappeared.


David Noakes, 67, was arrested on Wednesday in Truro, Cornwall, after a tip off to police. Officers have been searching for the former “drug company boss” since December when he failed to report to them while on bail.


Mr Noakes is wanted in France over nine alleged offences. The former CEO of Guernsey-based Immuno Biotech is also facing confiscation proceedings at London’s Southwark Crown Court.


A judge was set to rule on a confiscation order to strip Mr Noakes of £1.4m on Friday, but following his arrest, proceedings were adjourned until 19 June, the court confirmed.


Following information received from a member of the public, he was arrested in the Truro area of Cornwall by officers from Devon and Cornwall Police on Wednesday 20 May 2020 and has been recalled to prison,” the force said in a statement. Police had been searching for Mr Noakes since 13 December 2019 after he failed to report to Bournemouth Police Station while fighting a judge’s decision to extradite him.


And so we await to hear more on the details of the case. A question of morality

were this a moral, rather than legal issue, then GcMAF would pass with flying colors.


Whilst we hope and prey that David Noakes will not be as harslhly treated as is predicted. The fact that it flies in the face of so many different pharmaceutical drugs is perhaps the hidden issue here. Yet GcMAF is licensed in some parts of Europe, it has never killed, or harmed anyone, so is the fact it costs a lot less than a round of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, really what has held it back?


The coronavirus has thrown a bright spotlight on the medical industry, whilst simultaneously eroding it at the same time. Yet, here is this naturally occurring substance that has the power to help and aid the body, to fight viruses, cancer, autism, HIV and other immune disorders, both effectively and with no side effects.


For Case Studies, GcMaf and other health information truth realted reports on Covid19 please visit The Healing Oracle at https://healingoracle.ch/

David Noakes, 67, was arrested Wed 20 May 2020 in Truro, Cornwall.

Lynda Thyer & David Noakes - GcMaf

One of biggest examples of how big money interests has taken control of our community. These people developed a treatment and helped hundreds and indirectly probably thousands of people recover from cancer, autism (yes really), other diseases. For the last few years they have been endlessly persecuted. David has already server prison time following charges of manufacturing and distributing an unlicensed product, and now, even though she was not charged with anything in the UK, Lynn now resides in a what I gather is the largest (most overcrowded) prisons in France awaiting trial of what appear to be unfounded charges.

I have personally met Lyn on more than one occasion and she is the perfect example of what humanity as whole should be aspiring to.

The real criminals who should be incarcerated and facing very serious charges are the directors of the UK MHRA (check out mhracorrupt), english and french judicary and those within the drug corporations who collectively are responsible for the deaths of many people who are scammed into taking toxic treatment to sort out their cancer.

Check out the following for THE REAL TRUTH


GcMaf on Twitter

Support of Lyn & David (short video)

more to follow......


Footnote:- There are several damning blogs and posts insulting David & Lynda online from seemingly intelligent individuals who obviously do not or cannot see the corruption within our authorities.& only interested in getting what is no more than their opinion over sometimes, with minimal evidence or facts. If anyone visiting our website sends any vile, abusive or unsubstantiated emails to us; be warned we will not waste our time in debating and trying to defend our stance on what is the truth and how morals are above anything that has been installed in our now very corrupt legal system.


"It matters not what you have an opinion about, the truth and facts, no matter how they conflict with that opinion, do not change"


" You who are on the road Must have a code that you can live by And so become yourself Because the past is just a good-bye." - Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

BELIEF'S may Change


It just needs to be realised !!!

The world’s first Covid tribunal for crimes against humanity begins. As recently reported by The Rio Times

The Battle for Humanity

Dr Carrie Madej exposes Big Tech & how it collaborates with Big Pharma to introduce technologies in new 'vaccines' which will change our DNA turning us into hybrids.

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